CERESYSTEM – a bespoke, modular and project-

specific cooling, heating and environmental

control solution for controlled environments.

A new era in sustainable energy management


Controlled Environment Reactive Energy System

Unigro has developed the CERESYSTEM to provide a ‘pick and mix’ approach to environmental control. Its unique plant and control strategies combined with established technologies provide a solution to meet all requirements and budgets.

The CERESYSTEM is the culmination of over a decade of experience combined with the latest technological innovation delivering control, efficiency and reliability without compromise.

• Reduces capital and running costs
• Pick and mix solution to meet exact user requirements
• Simple to install 
• Reduces carbon usage
• Enhances performance
• Retrofittable without loss of capacity  

Heat Recovery Chillers

Extraction of heat from a system and its storage for future use, including the recovery of low grade heat from air handling non-cooling applications.

Absorption Chillers

The use of waste heat to drive the cooling process uniquely adapted for controlled environments by Unigro.

Adiabatic and Dry Air Cooling

Combined with Coolth Tanks, ICMU and bespoke controls strategies, these provide increased opportunities for non-refrigerant cooling for peak and base loads.


The mechanical and controls plant developed by Unigro to optimise the use and re-charge of a systems coolant with maximum efficiency.

Local District Utilities

The integration of site infrastructure to maximise existing plant efficiencies and resources, including all forms of renewables.

Heat Sink Tanks

The use of stored, recovered or generated heat leading to reduced capital and running costs and increased system stand-by capacity.

Coolth Tanks

The use of stored reserves of cooling capacity leading to reduced capital and running costs and increased system stand-by capacity.

Building Management Systems

Easy to use, reliable and scalable computer systems designed to monitor and control all mechanical and electrical equipment within a facility.

Combined Heat and Power Units

The integration of a CHP unit reduces the cost of infrastructure and optimises efficiency with the integration of a Coolth Tank and Heat Sink Tank, offering lower running costs and the potential for Load Shedding Contracts providing additional revenue streams.