The planning of a successful controlled environment

requires absolute 
attention to detail and foresight.

Service and Guarantee

To ensure a seamless and successful project journey - whether it be a growth chamber, clean room or walk-in chamber - Unigro provides a full consultancy service, ranging from pre-construction project planning 
to ongoing help desk assistance and proactive customer care. Our full support service is 
outlined below:


A highly skilled team can provide pre-tender consultancy:

• An agreed design

• Identification of design options available

• Sustainable energy solutions for BREEAM compliance

• Specifications with recommendations of equipment options

• Proposals for sustainable energy consumption

• Design requirements for containment compliance

• Identification of positive planning designs i.e. sound attenuation, light pollution, sustainable drainage and rain harvesting

• Gathering operational information 

Architect drawings

The Unigro design team prepare full CAD drawings for all projects to illustrate the development of design from initiation through to completed project.

Drawings and technical drawings including lighting arrays can be provided for the following:

• Pre Tender review and design discussions

• Planning Applications

• Building Control

• As built drawings

• O & M manuals


The Unigro team has full experience in dealing with the requirements of Planning Applications and Building Control and can offer the technical expertise to assist with the following: 

• Drainage

• Noise Attenuation

• Light Pollution

• Energy Sustainability (BREEAM)

• Water Sustainability


Maintenance agreements providing emergency call out and servicing of plant and equipment