CERESYSTEM – a bespoke, modular and project-

specific cooling, heating and environmental

control solution for controlled environments.

A new era in sustainable energy management

Unigro designs and manufactures

a wide range of controlled environments

for research and commercial growing needs.

From contained greenhouses and growth chambers to clean rooms and walk-inchambers, its GroDome and GroRoom facilities incorporate an array of advancedtechnologies with exceptional financial and environmental benefits.

GroDome contained greenhouses

and buildings are designed to offer

environmental control throughout the facility.


Unigro has developed a range of controlled

environments dedicated to providing the 

standards of micro-organism containment


Venlo glasshouse structures offer the

very latest storm protection and are all designed

and built to the relevant UK and European standards.

Venlo Glass houses

The planning of a successful controlled environment

requires absolute 
attention to detail and foresight.

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