Unigro has developed a range of controlled

environments dedicated to providing the 

standards of micro-organism containment

(levels I-IV) and plant 
containment (levels A and B),enhanced by its technology to create precise
 ranges of climate simulation and to maximise insulation.


The units are constructed to customer-specific sizes in new or existing buildings, therefore maximising available space. The GroRoom range offers the most cost-effective solution available for totally contained and controlled research.

The GroRooms are designed with the following features:

Humidity Control

40% to 95% ±5%
Steam generation
Ultra-sonic generation
De-humidification via chilled water coil
De-humidification via silica gel
Legionella risk reports



GroRoom flooring options include:

Insulated PIR panels
Aluminium or Stainless Steel chequer plate
Vinyl floor with coving
Durable Resin


Air handling

Variable air change rates
Supply and extract filtration (G4 to H14 HEPA)
Horizontal & Vertical air movement
Variable air speeds 0.5 -0.1 ms-2

Supplementary lighting

Full range of light sources available including:

High Pressure Sodium
Metal Halide

Light levels up to 600µmol.ms-2 @ 300mm.
Height Adjustable Systems.
Automatic dimming and dawn/dusk simulation.
Independent colour control.


Air tight construction
Face sealing hinged and sliding doors
Air filtration from G4 to H14 (HEPA)
Negative pressure gradients
Personnel access control
Contaminated waste drainage solutions

Temperature control

Variable temperature control -5°C to +40°C ±0.5°C.
Fixed temperature control down to -20°C.
BMS controlled dawn/dusk simulation