As part of our full-service offering, Unigro can

provide clients with an array of complementary

and stand alone products.

Other products

As part of our full-service offering, Unigro can provide clients with an array of complementary and stand alone products. We apply the same experience and expertise to the manufacturing of these products as our contained and controlled technology.

Please select a product for full details. Alternatively, do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss your product requirements further:


Microbial Deactivation Unit

Unigro’s MDU (Microbial Deactivation Unit) range is a secure and economic solution to liquid waste disposal, avoiding the use of hazardous and expensive chemicals. The MDU series will offer you the following benefits:

Reliable and practical functionality

System bypass for non-risk material

Eliminates risk of bio- accumulation in site drainage systems

Eliminates the use of expensive chemicals

Full fail-safe functions with remote alarm capabilities

The MDU series further benefits from site-specific design, allowing us to meet your specific site requirements. However, the range is constructed using industry standard parts, therefore ensuring minimal investment and low running and maintenance costs.

Each unit has a minimum capability of a 7-log reduction in the number of micro organisms present and features a system by-pass function for use with non-hazardous waste.

In the event of any system malfunction, the units are equipped with both audio and visual alarms. These can be integrated into an existing building management system to provide alerts to mobile phones.

The MDU800 is installed complete with validation equipment and procedure guidelines.



Air handling, cooling systems, humidification/dehumidification systems and carbon dioxide enhancement.


Supplementary lighting for horticulture with designed arrays to the customers specific requirements. The range includes high pressure sodium at 400 & 600W.


Internal and external blinds for shading and elimination of light pollution. Range includes flame retardant fabrics in a density to provide solutions for shading to complete blackout.


Aluminium horticultural benching, static or roller-top to maximise usable space up to 2 metres wide and 30 metres in length.


Purpose built racking with a variable control light box for plant propagation. The lighting level can produce up to 500 molm-2 s-1 and is fully dimmable.

Sterilisation unit

The stainless steel combined autoclave and sink unit can be integrated to provide sterilisation of continuous flow discharge in addition to the sink waste.

The programmable control permits temperatures up to 141°C to be achieved. The system has been adapted by Unigro to comply with botanical plant containment requirements and is suitable for many other applications. 


G4-F8 Bag and Panel Filters full range of sizes available.

Irrigation systems

Sustainable, automatic irrigation systems including rain harvesting systems.