Unigro installed a GroDome for

The University of Warwick to provide

a state-of-the-art growing environment

Case studies

State-of-the-art growing environments for The University of Warwick

One of Unigro’s latest projects has been with the University of Warwick, which opened the doors to the Life Sciences building in September 2013, a new research centre focused on fundamental plant science research related to securing the provision of high-quality food for future generations. The second floor greenhouse suite comprises the latest GroDome technology from Unigro, as well as its new energy saving CERESYSTEM. 

It provides state-of-the-art growing environments, allowing scientists to study plants as diverse as; wheat, maize, broccoli, lettuce, onions, carrots and arabidopsis to ensure a sustainable and secure supply of food for the planet’s growing population. More than 80 scientists will be studying vital issues such as resistance to pests and diseases, how plants cope with environmental stress and the mechanisms behind plant reproduction. 

To view a full case study of the Unigro GroDome at the University of Warwick click here.