Unigro has developed a range of controlled

environments dedicated to providing the 

standards of micro-organism containment

(levels I-IV) and plant 
containment (levels A and B),enhanced by its technology to create precise
 ranges of climate simulation and to maximise insulation.


The GroRoom technology can be applied to a wide variety of sectors including, botanical 
research, quarantine, propagation and entomology, and be utilised for a range of uses such as, cold stores, chill rooms, clean rooms, plant growth chambers, trial chambers and controlled environment walk-in chambers:


The Unigro GroRoom maintains the most accurate range of temperature control. The varied ranges of options are accurate to within ± 1°C of programmed set points.


The sealed units are designed to maintain the highest levels of containment to regulatory standards. The units can be produced with contained drainage systems to ensure that liquid waste is not a hazard and negative pressurisation system ensures that the chambers offer maximum security preventing airborne escape.

Efficient use of space

Unigro design its GroRoom range, whether single or multiple units, to maximise the space available and enhance existing or new research facilities.


The PIR panel construction and design offer, easy to clean and hygienic surfaces for maintaining the highest standards of research.

Cooling systems

The most up to date technology is incorporated in to the GroRoom’s cooling design to provide efficient temperature control with economic and unique use of energy. The chamber airflows can accommodate vertical or horizontal movement to achieve consistent temperatures throughout the chamber.

Remote data collection

The highly sophisticated BMS control system records vital information of the chamber data on a regular basis to verify the conditions under which the research or tests have been conducted. The data can be presented in both text and graph format.

Remote alarms

In the event of mechanical failure or should a chamber develop a fault that causes it to fall out of its parameter set points the BMS will transmit an alarm to predetermined personnel on their mobile telephone warning of an actual or potential problem.

Energy saving

Unigro take the utmost pride in producing alterative energy systems to provide sustainable solutions to meet its clients’ requirements and site restrictions which include the recycling or storing of redundant heat.