The GroDome range of contained greenhouses

and buildings are designed to offer

environmental control throughout the facility.

The galvanised 
steel frame glazed with twin-wall polycarbonate provides a secure
 unit that will withstand the most arduous climates.


The GroDome range incorporates the latest sustainable energy regimes and provides many features which enhance the operational efficiencies of the facility:


The polycarbonate structure will withstand high winds and snow loadings and is difficult to shatter.


The profile of the structure reduces solar reflection and enhances natural light levels.

Sustainable energy systems

Used with the option to use redundant energy to provide free heat for ancillary buildings. The systems are designed to exploit lower energy-tariffs.

Environmental control

Ensures 365-day operation and the ability to replicate research conditions.


To meet level 1 - 4 regulations.

Sealed units

Provide pressurised capability and carbon dioxide enhancement can be carried out without venting to the external atmosphere.