The GroDome range of contained greenhouses

and buildings are designed to offer

environmental control throughout the facility.

The galvanised 
steel frame glazed with twin-wall polycarbonate provides a secure
 unit that will withstand the most arduous climates.


Unigro's technology is designed to meet exacting requirements. The GroDome range of contained greenhouses can be used
 for a multitude of commercial and research applications:

Botanical research

The GroDome has been designed to meet the high technical requirements demanded for modern day botanical research with containment, control, reliability and sustainable energy systems being amongst the highest priorities. The Unigro GroDome range offers its botanical research clients the following resource benefits:

Design specific to client requirements plus future proof adaptability
High level of containment
High level of environmental control
Security of operation
Full maintenance and after-sales support


The Unigro quarantine facilities have been adapted from the contained research range and provide total security for the isolation of plants or animals. The bespoke designs will meet site specific requirements and include the following:

Robust outer fabric
Controlled internal environment
Contained air-handling, drainage and chambers
Sustainable energy planning

A host of ancillary services are available in the design including autoclaves, sterilisation units and incinerators.

Horticultural production

The sustainable energy technology developed by Unigro in its research range has been adapted to offer major commercial benefits for the large scale horticultural production. With the inclusion of the Venlo style greenhouse to complement its GroDome range Unigro can offer the following contained advantages to commercial growers:

Reliable controlled environment
Enhanced  natural light penetration
Beneficial growing environment with reduced pest control
Alternative energy solutions with lower carbon footprint
Failsafe systems


The flexibility of the GroDome controls makes it an ideal choice for propagation of plants and seed production. The beneficial growing environment and variable parameters provide opportunities to reduce production times and this with favourable energy solutions can offer major commercial benefits. The bespoke designs will offer clients the following options:

Flexible chamber sizes
Variable environmental parameters
Sustainable energy 
365-day production


The Unigro technology can create the perfect environment to house your animal collections in their natural environment. Its highly developed controlled environment solutions with building management controls will provide safety and ensure that your facility operates at maximum efficiencies. The designs can include the following:

Flexibility in chamber size
Safe visitor viewing 
Climate control
Sustainable energy 

Tropical houses

The extensive range of climate conditions available from the Unigro technologies provides the perfect conditions for either production or display of tropical exhibits. Designs will include the following features:

Controlled temperatures
Humidity control
Sustained energy solutions


The highly developed environmental capabilities of the Unigro range provide the perfect platform for aquaculture research or production. The bespoke design will incorporate the following:

Controlled temperatures in tank and surrounding environment
Controlled lighting conditions
Water flow control
Sustained energy solutions

Sports and training

The Unigo technology which can replicate a variety of typical climate conditions from locations around the world makes its facilities ideal for athlete’s training and performance testing. The designs will incorporate the following:

Climate control offering a variety of temperature and humidity conditions
Flexible compartment sizes allowing multiple usage
Sustained energy solutions