Unigro installed a GroDome for

The University of Warwick to provide

a state-of-the-art growing environment

Case study

State of the art GroDome for the University of Sheffield -

Animal and Plant Sciences Project

Case study

Multiple isolation chambers for

the world class research centre, IBERS

Case study

GroDome handover to the

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Case study

Plant reception and quarantine facility at Kew Gardens

Case study

Walk-in chambers complex completed for NIAB –

The National Institute of Agricultural Botany

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Latest updates

Installation of CE growth chambers at the Tremough Campus begins.

In May the installation of a complex of CE growth chambers commenced at the Tremough Campus. The facilities designed by Unigro consist of eight CT rooms, Lepidoptra and Preparation rooms. The facility is designed to maximise energy efficiencies and provide consistently replicable research.